April 2022: Kristine, Eric, Garry, Amber, Steve

Photo: Leslie Mixon

August 2021: Garry, Eric, Amber, Steve

Photo: Sooterkin

January 2020 (L to R): Amber, Eric, Garry, Ron, & Steve

Photo: Sooterkin

October 2019: Garry, Eric, Steve, Deborah, Ron, and Amber at Ron's Corner Tavern

Photo: Ben Alderson

September 2015: Steve, Garry, Deborah, Belinda, & Eric

Photo: Leslee Covington

North Texas Irish Festival 2018: Eric, Steve, Garry, Belinda, & Deborah

Fort Worth Prairie Fest, April 2014: Belinda, Mary, Garry Steve, and Eric

Photo: Leslie Mixon

J. Gilligan's, Arlington Texas, January 2013 - Steve, Belinda, Eric, Mary, and Garry

Photo: Leslee Covington

T-shirt anyone? - Steve, Eric, Belinda, Garry, Mary

Photo: Leslee Covington

Repertoire development

Photo: Deborah Titus

Keller Farmer's Market, September 2012 - Eric, Steve, Cindy, and Belinda

Hatch-Style Posters

Poster Designs: Covington

Debut - Rose Marine Theater, Fort Worth - June 2012

Garry and Mary and hats, 2014

Photo: Swiss Phamily Brunson

This is Nobati. He sits in with us once in a while.

Photo: Eric Covington

We keep getting these...

Photo: Belinda Daughtry

Garry / Steve and his 1920's Gibson Mandocello

Photos: Mary Brunson / Leslie Mixon

It Still Fits!

Photo: Leslie Mixon

Belinda / Captain Grumpy

Dave Brubeck & Steve

Photo: Leslie Mixon

The operative word is could...

Photo: Belinda Daughtry

Guitar Peekaboo / Mary / Belinda recording Et Dodim Kala at Chez Sooterkin

Photo: Eric Covington / Garry Brunson / Eric Covington


Little Red

Photo credits: Peggy, Leslie, Joey, Leslee, Belinda, Mary, & others - many, many thanks!

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